Great Gransden to Waresley circular walk

Distance 4 miles, 8,800 steps.

Good points of this walk
  • Great variety through woods, fields and lanes
  • Gransden and Waresley Woods, ancient woods bursting full of wildlife and flowers
  • Three pubs to choose from for lunch
  • Garden Centre with nice cafe and patio serving reasonably priced food and cakes

Bad points
  • None.

Park in Great Gransden just past the junction to the church. Walk a short distance down the hill towards Little Gransden keeping an eye out for the public footpath sign for the path you need to take on the right. It's easy to walk past the path since it squeezes between two gardens.

Follow the path fenced in between fields and around the edge of a field with Gransden and Waresley Woods in view on the left. The northern part of the woods is privately owned. The path will come round and then go along the edge of the wood. A little further on you can take a path into the wood, well worthwhile in Spring to see the amazing show of bluebells. Alternatively continue along the edge of the wood.

At the southern end of the woods take the path of to the right, winding round to Wood Farm. You'll no doubt come to the attention of the hundreds of chickens in the surrounding fields.

As you reach the farmyard you can turn left along the bridleway. But it would be a shame not to wander into Waresley, adding almost another mile to the route. You can stop off at The Duncombe Arms for refreshment and food, or visit Waresley Park Garden Centre to make use of their lovely cafe and patio. 

To continue the route, head back to Wood Farm along the bridleway. You'll find yourself walking parallel to the southern end of the wood and see Fuller's Hill Farm to the right with it's airfield. As you come level to the farm and the south east corner of the wood, just past a gas pipeline marker pole, take the bridleway to the left and head towards Waresley Wood.

Walk along the opposite edge of the wood and ultimately head down a gravel lane. This takes you back into Great Gransden. When you reach the road turn left and you'll shortly be back at the start of the walk.

If you haven't already eaten or fancy some refreshment try either The Crown & Cushion in Great Gransden, or The Chequers in Little Gransden.

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Here's a wider view of where the walk is...

And a few photos of the walk taken on a Winter's day.

Look out for the start of the walk.

The path squeezes between fences.

Some interesting old trees in the woods.

Another snap of the woods.

Feathered friends.

Raspberry and white chocolate slice from the garden centre cafe.

Heading back towards the woods.


  1. Couple of notes having done this walk in summer...

    * The path is very overgown with brambles and nettles near the beginning in summer through lack of use. Best to go up the track just below that shown on the header map above, which jins you up with the original routew a bit further along.

    * If you do use the original track and exit by the hard to find footpath entrance (e.g. if you do the walk the other way round) be very careful! The footpath exits straight onto the road and it would be very easy to walk out into oncoming traffic! Be really careful with children.

    * Lunch at The Duncombe Arms very nice in pleasant garden.

  2. djbcamb3:37 pm

    This walk is under 3¾ miles, not 5miles as stated. If you want a 5 mile walk then follow the bridle path to the east of the section paralleling the wood (shown on the OS above) and go into Little Gransden. Cross the main road and head for Great Gransden via the churchyard. Walk down the road from here and rejoin the published route at this point.

    1. Appreciate the feedback, djbcamb. And you're right! Think I might have inadvertently included the distance to Waresley Garden Centre, since I always pop in there at the half way point. I've adjust the distance (I always do to nearest half mile) and mentioned the extra span into Waresley. Hope you enjoyed the walk, though I bet it was a bit muddy. Regards, John

  3. Anonymous12:41 pm

    This walk looks lovely, do you think it is suitable for an off road pram? ie no stiles or narrow gates? Many thanks

    1. It will be particularly lovely at this time of year (Spring) since there should be lots of wild flowers in Waresley Wood.

      There's certainly a gate to pass through at Wood Farm, but you shouldn't have any problem with that since it's wide and modern. It's a while since I did the full walk, but I can't remember any others. Might be at the odd entrance to Waresley Wood, but there are quite a few entrances so if you have difficulty with any one you can move on to another.

      Please read my first comment above. Last time I did the full walk the beginning was very overgrown, so an alternative start is described in the comment.

      Hope you have fun. Regards, John

  4. When i walked through Waresley recently there was a sign on the door of the pub "The Duncombe Arms for the foreseeable future."
    Regards kirstie

    1. Oh dear! Looks like the Duncombe Arms is 'closed for the foreseeable future', as it says on their Facebook site, link below. Such a lovely pub, lovely garden too. Let's hope it reopens soon. Appreciate the information, Indigo. Regards, John

      Facebook site :